April 25, 2014: Paul Hibbitts and Novak Rogic on Open Education Technologies

This chat featured Paul Hibbitts and Novak Rogic who discussed technologies and platforms to support open learning. For background, see some of Paul Hibbitts’ course environments “designed in the open“, and 5 Questions with Novak Rogic on the impact of open publishing platforms and flexible learning


March 14, 2014: Grant Potter on Open Education Practice and EdTech Tinkering

This chat closed out the 2014 Open Education Week by featuring Grant Potter from the University of Northern British Columbia who discussed open educational practice, technology tinkering, banjo riffing, and various project to which he has contributed.


February 14, 2014: Jon Festinger, Videogame Law, and the MER Wiki

This chat featured featured Jon Festinger discussing his Video Game Law course and his perspective on “open” as well as the contributors behind the Math Exam/Education Resource Wiki, which features close to 1,000 open practice questions organized into 97 categories.


January 17, 2014: Dr. Jhangiani, Open Textbook Adoption, OERu

This chat featured Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani from Capilano University and Clint Lalonde from BCcampus who discussed open textbook adoption, open education, and other projects. Brian Lamb also talked about TRU’s recent VideoCamp and the launch of OERu.


November 22, 2013: Arts One Open

In this BC Open Open Chat, we were joined by Christina Hendricks and Jon Beasley-Murray to discuss Arts One Open.


August 23, 2013: and BC Open Textbooks

On this inaugural Open Chat, we were joined by Ashok Mathur and Alan Levine to discuss the Arts and Reconciliation MOOC and Clint Lalonde from BCcampus offer a quick update on the BC Open Textbooks Project.


Please note:
Audio recordings of BC Open Open Education Chats can also be found on the Internet Archive.

Intro music is by duckett, CC-BY-NC