Connect Your Blog

Use your own digital writing space to share ideas, reflections, best practices for open education. We can subscribe to any blog that publishes an RSS feed.

How to Contribute to the BCopenEd Site

To do this, you will need to provide us a URL for your blog. This can be almost any blogging platform, as long as it publishes an RSS feed.  As much as we admire all of the stuff you blog about, we’d prefer that you use either a tag or a category to designate posts you’d like to appear on 

Getting Started with Blogging

If you do not have your own blog, maybe this is the time to start one. You can set up you own writing space in minutes using any of the following free services:


Connect Your Blog

  • Please provide the URL that points to your tag or category index in your existing blog that you would like to syndicate to

Please note: We’ll have to add each URL manually. Please make sure that the URL points to an open education related category or tag and please test it (by opening the URL in another web browser where you are not logged in). Also make sure you are publishing blog POSTs (not pages in Blogger and WordPress).  Thanks!